File Claims Online

OSAG members can now file claims online through Consolidated Benefits Resources. This portal is in compliance with recent Workers’ Compensation statutes and will assist our members with an easier and more efficient claims filing process. 

As a member of OSAG, your district is one of 495 Oklahoma public schools that participate in a fully insured, no risk program, with a potential for dividend awards.  No other program operates like the OSAG program does, and we strive to live by our motto:  “to provide the most efficient and economical workers’ compensation services to Oklahoma public schools.” 

All OSAG members pay one premium for one year of service.  This premium covers ALL claims filed by your district……no matter how many claims occur, or what size those claims are.  It is important to file ALL work-related injuries with our claims office, even those injuries that do not require medical attention.  Our adjusters are trained in proper record-keeping of claims, proper conduct with district employees, and what to look for when a claim is filed fraudulently.

 All claims must be filed as soon as they occur.  It is proven that the longer it takes to file a claim, the more costly that claim becomes.

Take advantage of the service that your district has paid for with OSAG, and file each and every claim.  OSAG wants to make sure that all member districts are protected, and all injured employees receive the medical attention necessary. 

We are thankful to have you in our program, and are here to answer any questions you have. Please call our office at 800-699-5905.

About Consolidated Benefits Resources

CBR is Oklahoma-owned and has provided workers’ compensation third-party claims administration to employers in Oklahoma since 1968. Today, claims offices are located in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. 


To expedite an injured worker’s medical care so that they can return to their job as soon as possible.

Enhanced Claim Management

A team approach is used to allow you to get to know your adjuster, but also to maintain a high degree of supervision. If your adjuster is out of the office, the supervisor can readily solve your needs. 

Medical Cost Containment

CBR has reduced medical provider bills by an average of 60% – 75% thru CBR’s aggressive medical bill review program.  
Coupled with a seamless PPO, CBR selects the best medical specialists for your workers to expedite medical care and a return to work. There are no copays required of the worker.

Pharmacy Cost Containment

CBR utilizes HealtheSystems’s pharmacy benefit program. Teaming with HealtheSystems helps reduce the cost of prescriptions through participating pharmacy discounts; and simplifies the process for the injured worker. An injured worker will not be required to front money for a prescription.

Claims Packets

CBR utilizes a variety of claim information forms to better serve the school and the needs of your workers. Expediting medical care is crucial and your adjuster will work closely with you to assist a return-to-work strategy.