Safety Equipment Grant Award

2021 Safety Equipment Grant Award

$250,000 Safety Equipment Grant Awarded to Members of the Oklahoma School Assurance Group

The OSAG Board of Trustees has approved a second Safety Equipment Grant Award for ALL OSAG member school districts in 2021!

About the Grant 

This grant will provide every OSAG member with funding to purchase safety equipment for the district to assist in making a safer workplace environment. Increased awareness of safety helps to decrease workers’ compensation claims, resulting in lower premiums due by our schools. 

The Oklahoma School Assurance Group was founded in 1994 as an avenue for public school districts to obtain fully insured workers’ compensation services. OSAG is the largest provider of workers’ compensation services to the Oklahoma public schools, with a current membership of four hundred ninety-nine member districts. All OSAG members are owners of the program, sharing equity ownership in both OSAG and CompSource Mutual. 

OSAG is an Interlocal Cooperation Act Agency of Schools, governed by a five-member board of trustees. OSAG operates under the motto “to provide the most efficient and economical workers’ compensation services to Oklahoma public schools.” 

OSAG has partnered with the CompSource Mutual Insurance Company since inception, providing a ZERO risk, fully insured program, with all OSAG funds belonging to OSAG members. Because of this partnership, OSAG member districts have accumulated a total savings of $106,855,968 since 1994. This savings includes upfront premium discounts compared to outside markets, along with over $24,242,033 in refunds, performance dividends, and grants awarded to membership! 

OSAG, in partnership with CompSource Mutual, understands the monetary budget restraints placed on our district members.  Collectively, we continue to search for ways to help our districts in this area. 

Grant Awardees

The OSAG Safety Equipment Grant will be awarded to ALL OSAG members in the 2021-2022 policy year effective July 1, 2021.  

Application Process

OSAG 2021 Safety Equipment Grant application packets were mailed to all members on September 8, 2021. Applications will be accepted until October 31, 2021. NO RECEIPTS ARE REQUIRED!  Simply provide explanation of how your OSAG Safety Equipment Grant will be utilized in a safety-related manner, and submit your application. It’s that easy!  

*All grant awards will be issued after the 10/31/21 acceptance period.