OSAG Awards, Grants & Scholarships

OSAG Financial Assistance 2020

OSAG, in partnership with CompSource Mutual Insurance Company, provided millions of dollars in COVID Financial Relief Assistance to all OSAG member districts in 2020-2021, and again in 2021-2022. OSAG school districts were greatly affected by the global pandemic, resulting in distance learning for students & staff members.  This unconventional financial relief helped to reduce premiums across the board for all members.

Safety Equipment Grant Award

The OSAG Board of Trustees and the CompSource Mutual Insurance Company have partnered together to award ALL OSAG member school districts with a $250,000 OSAG Safety Equipment Grant in 2018 and again in 2021! This grant will provide every OSAG member with funding to purchase safety equipment for the district to assist in making a safer workplace environment. Increased awareness of safety helps to decrease workers’ compensation claims, resulting in lower premiums due by our schools. 

OSAG Gene Keith Scholarship

The Gene Keith Scholarship is named in memory of Mr. Eugene V. Keith, former Executive Director of the Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration (CCOSA) from 1991-1995, and former Administrative Director of the Oklahoma School Assurance Group (OSAG) from 1994-2004. This scholarship is awarded annually to qualifying Oklahoma graduates.