Student Interaction Safety

Student Interaction Injury Prevention

(Field Days/Specials, Fighting, Struck by Students-Hallways/Playgrounds and Special Needs)

  •  Ensure class rooms and hallways are clearly lit and uncluttered to prevent falls.


  • Use carpet tape or rubber backing to prevent rugs from curling or slipping. Check floor tiles and baseboards for loose material, protruding nails, or splinters.


  • Secure pictures, bulletin boards, decorations, furniture and TV’s on carts to prevent items from falling.


  • Use a calm voice, speak slowly and use proper distance when giving instructions to prevent agitation.


  • Proper facial expressions, voice tone, and physical body movements can de-escalate difficult behavior.


  • Recognize your Limits and understand that you can’t handle everything. Knowing you have support and backup is crucial to staying in control of your behavior and response. Accept your limits; the best decision may be to let someone else handle the situation.


  • Fight Prevention and Management: 1) Observe behavior before school (bus stops & on buses), between classes and after school 2) contacting the office and waiting for help 3) using specific verbal commands 4) working in teams to disperse crowds 5) separate students and take them to the office


  • Try not to catch a falling student, you could fall on them and both of you could be injured.


  • Avoid physically lifting or moving a student unless you have the proper training and/or equipment.


  • Always be aware of your surroundings, take a moment to visually scan the environment when walking in the classroom, hallway, lunch room, playground or parking lot. Students running could strike you or you could fall over students that are sitting in walkways.


  • School day routine disruptions such as field trips/days, sports events and other special events can cause hazards.


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