Injuries NOT COVERED by Workers' Comp

Injuries that are not covered as a “workers’ compensation” injury, even if the accident occurred on the employer premises  

•Actively involved in an assault or “fight” at work


•Social activities

•If the employee tests positive for alcohol or illegal drugs within 24 hours of the injury

•Non-work related intervening accident

•Transportation to-and-from work

•Personal Mission-when an employee is engaged in a personal activity that is not related to    their job functions

•Personal breaks outside the workplace.  If the injury occurs while on break inside the  workplace facility, then the injury is covered.

•Hernia-must meet the following definitions

•Is the result of a sudden effort, strain or force to the abdominal wall

•Severe pain in the hernia region

•Pain caused the employees work to be substantially affected

•Employer notified within 5 days after the event

•Physical distress was such that it required treatment by a Doctor

•If a qualified injury- employee receives 6 weeks of TTD if surgery is performed

•If surgery declined, employee receives 13 weeks of TTD

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