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Oklahoma School Assurance Group  

The Oklahoma School Assurance Group (O.S.A.G.) is the largest provider of workers’ compensation services to Oklahoma public schools, with four hundred ninety-eight members in the 2018-2019 policy year.  OSAG is an Interlocal Cooperative Act Agency of Schools, governed by a five-member board of trustees, all of which serve as superintendents of OSAG member school districts.  OSAG operates under the motto “to provide the most efficient and economical workers’ compensation services to Oklahoma public schools.”  Since OSAG inception in 1994, OSAG member school districts have accumulated a total savings of $93,124,863.  

OSAG member benefits include the following: 

  • Four Loss Control & Safety Training Seminars held annually at NO COST to membership.  Various speakers include the Oklahoma Department of Labor, Oklahoma Safety Council, The Center for Education Law, as well as the OSAG third party administrator, marketing firm, private investigating firms, and so on.  


  • Online safety training video program with 600+ videos provided at NO COST to membership.  Accessible with assigned school-specific username and password.  All videos are accessible through the OSAG webpage at www.okschoolassurancegroup.org, 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week. 


  • Monthly newsletter providing current safety training tips, OSAG board correspondence, & notifications of upcoming OSAG events. 


  • One premium quote for one year of coverage with absolutely no additional premium owed due to payroll auditing.                           
  • Premiums based on individual school district’s workers’ compensation claim performance, and not based on group as a whole, with all loss control and claims managed by Consolidated Benefits Resources, known as one of the best TPAs in Oklahoma.                                                   
  • Potential for performance dividends to assist in reducing future premium costs! Since inception, approximately $12,427,381 has been awarded to qualifying OSAG member schools!                                                             
  • No risk policy!  OSAG, as well as its members, assume ZERO risk or liability for claims made.  OSAG is a fully insured program.  All OSAG funds belong to OSAG membership.


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