General Information about Workers' Compensation

General Information about Workers’ Compensation


  • Workers’ Compensation benefits are provided under the Administrative Workers’ Compensation Act , O.S. Title 85A, the “AWCA”.  The AWCA specifies who is covered, what injuries and diseases are covered, and gives the benefits to be paid to employees with injuries and occupational diseases that are compensable under the AWCA.
  • The AWCA requires the employer, through its insurance carrier, to pay for the cost of medical treatment plus a percentage of the employee’s wages if he/she is unable to return to work due to doctor’s orders.  It is OSAG’s procedure to call all injured employees to review and discuss their injury, and explain the benefits they are entitled to under the AWCA.
  • An injured employee must be given medical treatment within 5 days of notice of injury to the employer.  If given within 5 days, the employer can pick which doctor they see.  A Notice of Injury must be filed with OSAG when an employee has an on-the-job injury, and receives medical treatment away from the worksite, or misses time apart from that day’s shift.  The Notice should be filed preferably within 24 hours.  A Notice of Injury will need to be filed with the Workers’ Compensation Commission if the injury causes the employee to miss more than 3 days of work.  The notice to the Commission is due 10 days after the 3rd day of lost time.
  • The AWCA defines who is a covered employee.  Generally, all paid employees are covered (both full time and part time).  The employee must be injured during the Course and Scope of their employment.  Any unusual circumstances should be reported to OSAG so they can investigate and determine whether the injury was compensable.

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